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Lol Dongues
Matt's List X-Mas 2008
drinktrack.tgz DrinkTrack
MyCron Vixie Cron hacked to work off of mysql
openfly.tgz old school openfly bot
edir_apache_parser.tgz EDIR / Apache Log Parser to MySQL
subnetcheck.tgz Pings Subnet Logs IPs that respond
check_ichains_0.1.tgz Nagios check_ichains plugin


Pub Heroes UT2004 Competitive Team
Drink Track Drink Track 2006
NFF FurFag Jacket Spectacular An wearable LED Array
Stribe Hacking Hacking stribe...
AMD Visualization GBA Sputnik Visualization
Droid R2 Unit (My First Large Robot)


Pub Heroes UT2004 Competitive Team
Make NYC Make NYC Meetings
NYC Resistor NYC Hacker Space


Data Dump
/pr0n/ Photos


Other Stuff
rr1.txt RoadRunner TechSupport Lolz 1
rr2.txt RoadRunner TechSupport Lolz 2